Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Most printing orders can be completed in four to eight working days. Larger projects may take two to three weeks depending on how quickly the proofing process goes, how sophisticated the project is and weather or not any portion of the project needs to be sent to an off-campus production facility.

  2. Yes, the Visual Arts Lab can print full-color banners and posters up to 44 inches by however long. Please contact the Visual Arts Lab for pricing and details x6853.

  3. Due to new and emerging technologies, the differences between various types of printing and copying are getting less definitive. Please note the following definitions:

    • Offset Printing – refers to printing done on a conventional printing press that uses printing plates, printer's ink, and a high pressure mechanical cylinder system to transfer images to paper. Most printing in the world is still done using this technology. For large printing projects, it is typically the cheapest and also offers the best quality. While the actual printing process itself is not digital, the process used to produce printing plates is now digital. This has greatly improved turnaround time and print quality.

    • Digital Printing – refers to modern digital copiers, laser printers, and inkjet printers that use scanning technology and laser printing technology coupled with conventional copy machine features such as collating, stapling, etc. Nearly all copy machines being manufactured today are actually laser printers with conventional copy machine features. The source material being duplicated can be either an electronic file or a hard copy original. Black and White AND/OR full-color machines are available. Digital printing equipment is not as versatile as offset printing, typically produces an inferior product, but is much more cost effective for small volume print jobs.

    • Conventional/Analog Copying – refers to old style copiers that cannot be networked and used as a printing device and use reflective photographic technology rather than scanning technology to reproduce copies from a hard copy original. Conventional analog copiers have more moving parts, are less reliable, and produce copies of inferior quality compared to digital copiers. All copiers being manufactured now are digital, produce copies using laser printing technology, and have networking capability for network printing.

  4. We charge 4.5 cents per copy for our satellite copiers. This covers the cost of the copier itself, all supplies and maintenance, and white copier paper. Colored paper is not provided. If your department is interested in participating in this program or would like to learn more, contact Dave Scott at Printing Services.

  5. Yes we can! we can produce carbonless forms as few as one hundred multi-part carbonless forms.

  6. Yes, you may submit work orders by e-mail or over the phone. Be sure to provide a banner number and all relevant specifications. Please note that we typically require a hard copy proof from the customer to insure that we print exactly what the customer wants. This is required even for strait reprints. If you choose to order by e-mail or over the phone, please mail us a hard copy or send a courier with one to our main office. If you fail to do this in a timely manner, your printing project may be delayed or placed on hold.

  7. Yes, we prefer that you schedule an appointment to consult with our designers. You may contact them directly to do so.

  8. You aren't required to call ahead and schedule an appointment to submit a large or complex work order. However, it is best if you do. Our customer consultant meets with clients throughout the day and leaves the office routinely to coordinate with our production staff. if you choose to just drop in without an appointment, our consultant may already be meeting with someone else or may be out of the office.

  9. In order to receive an accurate estimate, you must provide accurate and complete specifications.

    Cost estimates for offset printing can be acquired by contacting the Printing Services Director David Scott or Associate Director Heath Gertsch.

    If you need an estimate for a copying project, contact Kim Haws our copying services manager x7093.

    For a Wide format inkjet printing project contact David Hawkinson x6853.

  10. Most of the services we provide are ten to twenty percent below what is charged by private businesses in the local area. Some of our services are as much as 30 to 35 percent cheaper. Please contact us for an estimate.

  11. We deliver to all main campus locations. We do not deliver to MATC, the airport, or the Conferences and Workshops building.

  12. A hard copy original or proof is required in order to guarantee that we print exactly what you want. Even when we are only producing reprints, a hard copy original submitted by the customer helps us identify exactly what you want reprinted and prevents us from printing a previous version of your form or a form that has a similar title or similar appearance. With respect to digital files, a hard copy from the customer helps us identify any font or formatting problems that arise when the file is manipulated or printed from a different device.

  13. If the paper you special order is available at a local wholesaler, we can usually receive it within 24 hours. If the paper isn't available locally but is stocked at one of our western states distributors, we can acquire it within three to five working days. If the paper must be ordered from the paper mill, plan on at least three weeks.

  14. Printing Services does not charge a RUSH fee for every rush order. Rush fees are charged if overtime must be worked or if other previously scheduled jobs must be "bumped" in order to accommodate the rush order. Rush fees typically range from 15% to 30% additional charges depending on individual circumstances.